Dangerous New weight Loss secret Revealed

Losing excess weight means adding more years to your life and also having the confidence to wear what you like in the latest fashions. Dieting pills,Dangerous New weight Loss secret Revealed Articles supplements, and fat burners abound on the markets all promising you weight loss in an instant. Everyone has been looking for the Holy Grail to weight Loss and now it has been found. More likely than not weight Loss industries globally will clamor to have it removed from the market to protect their own interests!Recently a woman doctor in Arizona has released one of the best kept secrets in how you can lose weight ever discovered. This information has certainly rattled a few cages in the weight loss industry and many dieticians, weight loss product manufacturers and even doctors are in an uproar over this information!

Dr Suzanne Gudakunst, has made this discovery available to every person that has ever desired to lose excess pounds and you will be pleased to find that it does not entail doing something undesirable or out of the ordinary either.This amazing breakthrough was discovered by this female doctor in early 2002 during a period when much study was being done on the human colon and digestive system. Her current studies into nutrition were parallel to this research and when doing her own independent tests some amazing results came to light! She went on to accurately determine a definitive correlation between harmful plaque and parasitic infestations of the human bowel tract. As a result people that were suffering from chronic obesity were unable to lose any weight no matter what diet program or slimming methods were used for weight loss.

During intensive studies over a period of six years Dr Gudankunst developed a number of completely natural treatments that was able to remove these harmful and destructive plaques as well as the rapidly reproducing digestive parasites. These treatments were applied to many hydroxycut reviews obese patients including some that were suffering extreme obese due to compulsive eating habits and the results were an astounding 98 percent successful.

Treatments also done on average overweight people also showed incredible and hugely satisfying results although the weight loss was not as dramatic as for obese people which stand to reason.This discovery has proved to be so powerful that it is able to reverse diabetes, and also rid illness in people that were suffering from cancers that are a result of poor diet and overweight. In addition many other illnesses across a huge spectrum could be eliminated by this powerful secret formula.

The most exciting aspect was that many people were able to enjoy results that other doctors has insisted were never possible, and in some cases life threatening diagnosis of having a few months to live all went out the window. This incredible formula is in no way unnatural or requires that anyone needs make any major life changes and this is what is certainly what has made huge waves in the medical profession.

This incredible secret treatment formulated by Doctor Suzanne G. is based on completely natural herbal extracts from all over the world as well as organic elements that come from a variety of plants formulated into a carefully balanced composition. As a weapon against the world’s major epidemic obesity this secret formula is perhaps the only real solution ever discovered to date.

This secret is being released to the public for every weight sufferers benefit and if you are obese or overweight to any degree and want to lose the weight in the easiest most satisfying method ever devised then this formula is available to you from Doctor Suzanne Gudakunst but no one knows for how long or how limited quantities are of this secret formula for weight loss. Some specialists in their fields have commented that in the bigger picture and scheme of things, the world weight loss markets will never tolerate a discovery of this magnitude due to the damage it could cause to current weight loss industries all over the world. For this reason restrictions could be imposed on her to forcefully remove it from the market.After you have read some testimonials you will see how dangerous this will be to the weight Loss markets globally!